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Signal and Data Processing

2019، Volume 16، Number 3

Print ISSN: 2538-4201

Online ISSN: 2538-421X

Director-in-Charge: Javad Sheikhzadegan

Editor-in-Chief: ahmad Akbari

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Volume 41, Number 3  (12-2019)
1 Design and Evaluation of a Method for Partitioning and Offloading Web-based Applications in Mobile Systems with Bandwidth Constraints
Siawash Zahedi, Saleh Yousefi & Vahid Solouk
2 Studying methods that effect on performance of probabilistic context free grammar parser in Persian
mohammadbagher sadeghzadeh, mohammadreza razzazi & Masood ghayoomi
3 A New Statistical Model for Evaluation Interactive Question Answering Systems Using Regression
mohammad mehdi hosseini, Morteza zahedi & hamid Hassanpour 
4 An annotation scheme for Persian based on Autonomous Phrases Theory and Universal Dependencies
Navid Baradaran Hemmati & Omid Tabibzadeh
5 Fire detection using video sequences in out-door urban environment
faeze karimi zarchi, vali derhami, Alimohammad Latif& & ali ebrahimi
6 Feature Extraction and Efficiency Comparison Using Dimension Reduction Methods in Semantic Analysis Context
Razieh Baradaran & Effat Golpar-Raboki
7 Fixed-point FPGA Implementation of a Kalman Filter for Range and Velocity Estimation of Moving Targets
Shahabuddin Rahmanian, Mohammad Hossein Bateni,  Mohammad Fardad & Majdeddin Najafi 
8 Search Space Reduction for Farsi Printed Subwords Recognition by Position of the Points and Signs
Esmail Miri,  Seyyed Mohammad Razavi & Nasser Mehrshad 
9 Design and implementation of Perspell: Persian spelling detection and correction system based on Semantic
M.B. Dastgheib, Sara koleini & S.M. Fakhrahmad
10 Fischer Linear Discriminant Analysis and Sample-oriented Domain Adaptation for Image Classification
Mozhdeh Zandifar & Jafar Tahmoresnezhad 

Journal Information

  • Current Issue: 2019، Volume 16، Number 3, SERIAL 41
  • Print ISSN: 2538-4201
  • Online ISSN: 2538-421X
  • Director-in-Charge: Javad Sheikhzadegan
  • Editor-in-Chief: ahmad Akbari
  • Publisher: Research Center on Developing Advanced Technologies

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