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Signal and Data Processing

2019، Volume 16، Number 2

Print ISSN: 2538-4201

Online ISSN: 2538-421X

Director-in-Charge: Javad Sheikhzadegan

Editor-in-Chief: ahmad Akbari

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Volume 40, Number 2  (9-2019)
1 3D Models Recognition in Fourier Domain Using Compression of the Spherical Mesh up to the Models Surface
Fereshteh Behbahani,Vahid Mehrdad*, Hossein Ebrahimnezhad
2 Reverse Engineering of Network Software Binary Codes for Identification of Syntax and Semantics of Protocol Messages
Nayereh Momenian* , Behrouz Tork Ladani
3 Planelet Transform: A New Geometrical Wavelet for Compression of Kinect-like Depth Images
Vahid Kiani, Ahad Harati*, Abedin Vahedian
4 Multi-frame Super Resolution for Improving Vehicle Licence Plate Recognition
Amin Torkian, Payman Moallem*
5 A Hybrid Machine Translation System Based on a Monotone Decoder
Vahid Kiani, Ahad Harati*, Abedin Vahedian
6 Synthesis of human facial expressions based on the distribution of elastic force applied by control points
Haniye Merrikh, Hossein Ebrahimnezhad*
7 Improvement of density-based clustering algorithm using modifying the density definitions and input parameter
Alireza Pahlevanzadeh*, Aliakbar Niknafs
8 Better performance of OFDM modulation using Wavelet pocket transform instead of FFT transform
saeed Ghazi-Maghrebi, arbayan khordadpoor*
9 Malware Detection using Classification of Variable-Length Sequences
Fatemeh Hosseini, Mitra Mirzarezaee*, Arash Sharifi
10 Soft Computing Methods based on Fuzzy, Evolutionary and Swarm Intelligence for Analysis of Digital Mammography
Images for Diagnosis of Breast Tumors
Elnaz Khodadad, Rahil Hosseini*, Mahdi Mazinani 

Journal Information

  • Current Issue: 2019، Volume 16، Number 2, SERIAL 40
  • Print ISSN: 2538-4201
  • Online ISSN: 2538-421X
  • Director-in-Charge: Javad Sheikhzadegan
  • Editor-in-Chief: ahmad Akbari
  • Publisher: Research Center on Developing Advanced Technologies

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