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Guides to arrange papers in order to publish in the research quarterly journal of Signal and Data Processing

All experts and specialists in the field of engineering are invited to submit their essays on speech, image, data, text, symbol, signal processing, medical-engineering and data security in order to exchange scientific, technical information among researchers, scholars, university professors, engineers, etc… and improve their theoretical, practical science.

It is requested to consider the following points while arranging your papers:

  1. Papers are supposed to contain results of researches in the field of صوتی, projective, biologic, telecommunications, electronic signal processingو written texts processing or computer data
  2. Papers must not have been published in any kind of domestic or foreign journals before or being submitted concurrently to other journals; but papers presented in conferences are welcomed to accept, review and publish.
  3. The formal language for papers is Persian (along with an English abstract)
  4. Papers must be submitted via the following site:
  5. Page setting for papers are as the followings:
  • Page size: Letter
  • Page Margin Top: 1.77 cm/ Page Margin Bottom: 1 cm
  • Left Margin: 2.77 cm/ Right Margin: 2.5 cm
  • Footer and header in page layout must be both zero (Page set up)
  1. Font features:

Persian Font: B Nazanin

English Font: Times New Roman

  1. All submitted papers must be contained of the following parts:
  • First page containing the followings respectively:

 The complete title of the paper (Up to2 lines) in Persian (Font: B Traffic, Point: 24, Bold)

The author’s complete name in Persian (Font: B Nazanin, Point: 12, Bold)

  • Corresponding author will be the first mentioned in the paper; unless it is announced to be someone else in a written letter.

The affiliated institute or university of each author (Font: B Nazanin, Point: 12, Bold)

Contact information of the corresponding author including postal address, Telephone number, Fax number and email

Persian abstract (Font: B Nazanin, Point: 10, Bold) up to 150 words

Persian Keywords (Font: B Nazanin, Point: 10, Bold) between 3 to 10 words

The English Abstract comes immediately after the Persian abstract with the same format.

  • Introduction and the main text (Persian font: B Nazanin, Point: 12; English font: Times New Roman; Point: ? Bold) Up to 200 words
  • The author’s resume must be come in the ending paper (refer to the published papers so far)
  • Persian abstracts, English abstracts and key words must be set in one- column; introductions and main texts in two-column
  • Columns size must be 7.66 cm with the space of 1 cm between
  • References must be in APA style, as in (Katamba, 1993) references methods come in reference Style Guide
  • Technical terms are referred to precise, expressive Persian equivalents in the endnote.
  • Title of Tables must be numbered upward with the explanations downward both with Nazanin 10 for Persian and Times New Roman 10 for English.

Important: Figures, tables and charts explanations must be also translated in English.

  • Choose a proper size for tables and pictures so that they can be easily pasted in one or two columns of the journal.
  • Pictures must be black and white, clear with a high resolution/ duality.
  • All equations must be typed precisely, completely with the same font used in the paper text, B Nazanin 10.
  • Equations must be numbered from one to the end, placed along with the line on the right side of the margin.
  • The author/ authors are responsible for all content in the paper.
  • Signal and Data Processing journal is authorized to accept or reject papers and the editorial board is also allowed to edit all contents grammatically or literary.
  • Publishing and issuing the content is authorized with mentioning the source. Tables, charts and pictures need the author’s official permit.

Important point:

Dear Author an excel file to observe and check the style guide is accessible here.  It is requested to load the file, fill in the form and attach it while sending the paper. It is obvious that submitted papers will be reviewed and in case of any conflict with the style guide it will be returned and being kept suspended until the author’s corrections.

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