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Lie detector system based on PhotoPlethysmoGraph (PPG) and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) signals by means of neural network (20971 Views)
Multispectral and Panchromatic image fusion using Spatial PCA (13607 Views)
Speech Signals Processing Using New Compressive Sampling Based Feature Extraction Method (12181 Views)
Performance Improvement of Continuous Speech Recognition System Using Extracted Features of Speech Manifolds in the Reconstructed Phase Space (11832 Views)
Unsupervised Persian Verb Valency Induction (11542 Views)
An Intelligent Ontology Construction System Using Hybrid ART Neural Network and C-value Method (11446 Views)
Detection of Guilty Knowledge, Using Single Trial ERPs, and Based on Recurrence plots Nonlinear Method (11347 Views)
Compression time variable information using Huffman code (10714 Views)
New fast pre training method for deep neural network learning (10285 Views)
A New Error Concealment Technique for Video Frames Using a RBF Neural Network (10055 Views)
An Improvement on Robust Pattern Recognition Using Chaotic Dynamics in Attractor Recurrent Neural Network (9011 Views)
Phrase chunking in Persian texts (8511 Views)
Persian Text Recognition using n-gram Language Models and Grammatical Refinement (8433 Views)
Designing an Experiment to Improve Automatic Emotion Detection Using EEG (8255 Views)
A novel method for suitable selection of watermark strength in digital image watermarking based on imperialist competitive algorithm (8157 Views)
بهسازی تصویر با کاهش اثر عوامل خرابی بر مولفه‌ی روشنایی و بازتابش تصویر (7969 Views)
Iranian License Plate identification with fuzzy support vector machine (7290 Views)
Ijaz: An Operational system for single-document summarization of Persian news texts (7045 Views)
Different Application Fields of Brain Signal Processing in Iran (6780 Views)
Development and Enhancement of an interactive Computer-Assisted Translation System for English to Persian (6653 Views)
Proposing an intelligent and semantic-based system for Evaluating Text Summarizers (6435 Views)
امکان‌سنجی پیش‌بینی خیلی کوتاه مدت وضع هوا بر پایه داده‌های ایستگاه‌های همدیدی ایران (6256 Views)
A novel algorithm in thresholding, clustering and precise centroiding of night sky stars images (6007 Views)
Prediction of consonants Intelligibility for Listeners with Normal Hearing Using Microscopic Models of Speech Perception Considering Different Distance Measures in Automatic Speech Recognizer (5995 Views)
Semantic Segmentation of 3D Model Objects based on Salient Points and Core Extraction (5879 Views)
IMS SIP Server security model using the TVRA methodology (5851 Views)
Extracting person names using name candidate injection in a conditional random field model for Arabic language (5800 Views)
a relevance feedback approach based on similarity refinement in content based image retrieval (5774 Views)
automatic gender identification in persian text (5773 Views)
Sharif Text Editor: A Persian Editor and Spell Checker System (5723 Views)
Two Featuer Transformation Methods Based on Genetic Algorithm for Reducing Support Vector Machine Classification Error (5708 Views)
Combination of event related potentials and Peripheral signals in order to improve the accuracy of the Lie detection Systems (5641 Views)
Segmentation of Endocardium Boundary of the Left Ventricle in Inhomogeneous Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images (5546 Views)
Spectral and Spatial Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images Using Semi-nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Principal Component Analysis (5517 Views)
Sonority Sequencing Principle in Persian Language (5468 Views)
Improvement of Networked Control Systems Performance Using Rotation in Fuzzy Logic Controller Rules (5439 Views)
A’laam Corpus: A Standard Corpus of Named Entity for Persian Language (5423 Views)
Precisely chaotic models survey with Qualitative Bifurcation Diagram (5420 Views)
Classification of Parkinson Disease Based on Inter - and Intra -Regional Biomarkers of the Brain Motor Network Using Resting State fMRI Data (5352 Views)
EEG investigation of the effective brain networks for recognizing musical emotions (5332 Views)
Effect of morphologies on Persian dependency parsing (5309 Views)
Improving the nonlinear manifold separator model to the face recognition by a single image of per person (5270 Views)
A Divisive Hierarchical Clustering-based Method for Indexing Image Information (5186 Views)
Speech Enhancement Using MMSE Estimator Based on Mixture of laplacian (5185 Views)
Blind Detection and Equalization in Chaotic Communication Systems Using Importance Sampling (5167 Views)
Contrast Relation Recognition in Persian discourse using supervised learning methods (5137 Views)
Robustness of Motion Vector against Channel Error for Improvement of Synthesized Video Quality (5086 Views)
farsi word sense disambiguation with LDA Topic model (5046 Views)
Improved Clustering Persian Text Based on Keyword Using Linguistic and Thesaurus Knowledge (5010 Views)
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