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Speech Signals Processing Using New Compressive Sampling Based Feature Extraction Method (10290 Downloads)
Construction and Training of Artificial Neural Networks using Evolution Strategy with Parallel Populations (3290 Downloads)
Multispectral and Panchromatic image fusion using Spatial PCA (2899 Downloads)
Iranian License Plate identification with fuzzy support vector machine (2849 Downloads)
Automatic Clustering Using Improved Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (2684 Downloads)
Robustness of Motion Vector against Channel Error for Improvement of Synthesized Video Quality (2640 Downloads)
automatic gender identification in persian text (2530 Downloads)
farsi word sense disambiguation with LDA Topic model (2412 Downloads)
HesNegar: Persian Sentiment WordNet (2406 Downloads)
Compression time variable information using Huffman code (2406 Downloads)
Lie detector system based on PhotoPlethysmoGraph (PPG) and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) signals by means of neural network (2353 Downloads)
New fast pre training method for deep neural network learning (2202 Downloads)
Improved Clustering Persian Text Based on Keyword Using Linguistic and Thesaurus Knowledge (2176 Downloads)
Providing a method for image preprocessing to improve the performance of JPEG (2160 Downloads)
Stress in Persian (2127 Downloads)
Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias based on combination of the results of Neural Networks using Dempster-Shefer Evidence Theory (2103 Downloads)
Persian XML Documents Metaheuristic Clustering Based on Structure and Content Similarity (2087 Downloads)
Novel Features for Modulation Recognition Using an 8PSK Demodulator (2079 Downloads)
Image Encryption Algorithm based on Recursive Cellular Automata (2055 Downloads)
An Approach for Extraction of Keywords and Weighting Words for Improvement Farsi Documents Classification (2049 Downloads)
Phrase chunking in Persian texts (2025 Downloads)
Performance Improvement of Continuous Speech Recognition System Using Extracted Features of Speech Manifolds in the Reconstructed Phase Space (2001 Downloads)
image denoising using adaptive switching filter based on extreme learning machine (1974 Downloads)
A New Error Concealment Technique for Video Frames Using a RBF Neural Network (1960 Downloads)
Persian Text Recognition using n-gram Language Models and Grammatical Refinement (1958 Downloads)
A Feature-based Vehicle Tracking Algorithm Using Merge and Split-based Hierarchical Grouping (1955 Downloads)
A novel method for suitable selection of watermark strength in digital image watermarking based on imperialist competitive algorithm (1885 Downloads)
Unsupervised Persian Verb Valency Induction (1817 Downloads)
Farsi Accent Recognition based on speech signal using efficient features extraction and Combining of Classifiers (1791 Downloads)
EEG investigation of the effective brain networks for recognizing musical emotions (1782 Downloads)
Ijaz: An Operational system for single-document summarization of Persian news texts (1770 Downloads)
Designing an Experiment to Improve Automatic Emotion Detection Using EEG (1756 Downloads)
Automatic Labeling of Semantic Roles in Persian Sentences using Dependency Trees (1744 Downloads)
Two Featuer Transformation Methods Based on Genetic Algorithm for Reducing Support Vector Machine Classification Error (1730 Downloads)
Different Application Fields of Brain Signal Processing in Iran (1718 Downloads)
Design of Multi Criteria decision making model for improve Ranking of Information Security risks (1708 Downloads)
بهسازی تصویر با کاهش اثر عوامل خرابی بر مولفه‌ی روشنایی و بازتابش تصویر (1678 Downloads)
Detection of Guilty Knowledge, Using Single Trial ERPs, and Based on Recurrence plots Nonlinear Method (1656 Downloads)
Sharif Text Editor: A Persian Editor and Spell Checker System (1645 Downloads)
Estimation of protein-coding regions in numerical DNA sequences using Variable Length Window method based on 3-D Z-curve (1637 Downloads)
Supervised Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis Mixture Model in a Lossless Dimensionality Reduction Framework for Face Recognition (1610 Downloads)
Emotion Classification Using Brain and Peripheral Signals (1598 Downloads)
Structural parameter extraction of warp and weft woven fabric using wavelet-fuzzy method and genetic algorithm (1575 Downloads)
Improving the performance of sparse representation-based classifier for EEG classification (1564 Downloads)
Applying Recurrence Plots to Analyze Heart Rate Signals in Experienced Meditators (1559 Downloads)
A novel algorithm in thresholding, clustering and precise centroiding of night sky stars images (1551 Downloads)
An Intelligent Ontology Construction System Using Hybrid ART Neural Network and C-value Method (1547 Downloads)
Deep Modular Neural Networks with Double Spatio-temporal َAssociation Structure for Persian Continuous Speech Recognition (1537 Downloads)
A New Approach to Retinal Vessel Segmentation by Using Computational Model of Simple Cells in Primary Visual Cortex (1536 Downloads)
Spectral and Spatial Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images Using Semi-nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Principal Component Analysis (1533 Downloads)
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