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About the Journal

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Name: Signal and Data Processing

Concessionaire: K.N Toosi Institute of Advanced Technologies Development

The Affiliated Institute: Cultural-Artistic Institute of  Sokhan Pardazan-e- Khaje Nasir

Year of Research License Receipt: 2009

Publication Sequence: Quarterly (spring, summer, autumn, winter)

Year founded: 2004

Associate Editor: Dr. Javad Sheikh-Zadegan

Editor in chief:  Dr. Ahmad Akbari

Executive director: Mohammad Esmaeil Ghasedi

Scope of activity: Engineering

Address: Number 12, Bishe Dead Alley, Motahhari and Sohrevardi Intersection, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98-21-83857000

Direct Contact: +98-21-88447163

Mobile: +98-936-2337674

Fax: +98-21-83857100



Post Box: 3739-16765

Postal Code: 1567713571

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